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If you are looking for a quality, career building education – one that offers theory plus relevant experience you’ve come to the right place. CHR provides all types of training program for International Examinations like TOEFL, IELTS, CGFNS, NCLEX, Live-in-CareGiver, and various other courses to improve your communication Skills and Overall Personality. We prepare you for glorious careers, world wide in the field of Aviation, Hospitality Tourism and Health Care.

CHR not only focus on your Academic Development but as well as your Personality Enhancement, so as to develop your Intellectual Skills. CHR regularly comes up with new ventures that guide the students to polish up their skills with Latest concepts to help young generation to be a part of the elite strata of the society.

CHR has earned a reputation for providing quality courses at fee that gives you outstanding value for money. Given the vocational nature of the courses. CHR has excellent links with service industry for fostering the Professional ethos in the students. Our main Motto is to bring smile to your career.

Wish you all a Prosperous and Bright Future ahead

Best Regards

H.S Sodhi


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