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Best Environmental Technologies, is committed to providing environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative products to inorganic chemicals and fertilizers that currently dominate agriculture. While we recognize the need to use these products responsibly, our products can help reduce the industry’s need to rely on them. At the same time, Best Environmental Products help to reach greater yields, nutrient-rich crops, and healthy livestock.

Our Company

Best Environmental Technologies started in Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada in 1999. Since then, we’ve moved our base of operations and production to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Currently, our offices are located in Australia and New Zealand, Ghana and Vietnam.

Our Vision

Best Environmental Technologies wants to provide healthy food to the growing global population. It’s that simple. We’ll accomplish this with environmentally-friendly products that remain economically viable and sustainable. Our products will help restore agriculture to its natural roots, while keeping things sustainable for future generations. If you share our vision, we invite you to get started with Best Environmental Technologies today.

Cali Agri Pro deals import and export under the licence no. 3009015313. It is the sole distributer for Best Enviourment products all across India. Best Enviourment products are organic fertilizer.

These products name are TM21 and RE3. These are the US certified under NOP Regulations as well as Indian certified by NOCA (Natural Organic Certification Association).

Best products began in Alberta, Canada in 1999 by James G.Waton. The mission of best products is "Provide positive enviourmental products systems and technologies that are economically viable for the World".

It is the part of Western Canadian agriculture products of best



  1. Congeries the soil’s oranismisms.
  2. Builds healthy ecosystem.
  3. Makes soil rich and fertile.
  4. Reap higher yields.
  5. Increase the thickness of the topsoil.


Fermentation product improves the health and performance of Broiler, Birds and Rats.

Benefits of organic

  1. Free of harmful chemicals.
  2. Less water consuming.
  3. More yielding product.
  4. Economically cheaper.
  5. Eco friendly
  6. Good for human consumption